Sunday, June 23, 2013

Roses in mid June

 Rosa Mundi
 Grammie's Rugosa
 Grammie's Rugosa
 Unknown Cerise pink
 Unknown Cerise pink
 Dad's pink
Grootendoorst.  Red in real life.
 White Rugosa Could be Marie Bugnet
Dr. Willem Van Fleet

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ferns in the Secret Shade Garden

Japanese Painted Fern

Christmas Fern

Maiden Hair Fern

The Future Secret Shade Garden

Vines will eventually cover the fence and Forsythia hedges will enclose all but an obscure entrance.  I have planted Hydrangea Peteolaris and Dutchman's Pipe to cover the fence.

Heuchera in the First Week of June

Shade lovers in my new Secret Shade Garden...Or at least it will be secret when the hedge grows..Shhh...we asre the only ones who know.

Lemon Lilies in the First Week of June

These are Grammie's about mid bloom period.  See post elsewhere.

Siberian Irises in the First Week of June.

One of Grammie's Peonies in the First Week of June

One plants Peonies for a lifetime, so make sure you give them plenty of manure etc. when you plant.

More Roses in the First Week of June

I think this is what my sister refers to as Dad's rose.  It was probably salvaged in the 40's sometime from the wild or some dooryard in Maine.
Harrison's Yellow about mid bloom period on June 3rd.  See post elsewhere.

Artemisia in June

Costmary in June.

As I remember this has a yellow flower, but it has been so long since I saw one in bloom, I forget.  Also known as Bible Leaf, it was pressed in the bible you carried to church to be crumbled under your nose, to wake you up.  It has a strong chemical and mint smell.  Not unpleasant, but you would not want a perfume.  It can grow a couple of feet high in good soil.

Skullcap in June

Skullcap.  Uses...I have not researched it...But I can imagine!  Not very interesting but the name promises interest in the future.

Horehound in June

Horehound is a rather strange tasting herb for throat problems.  If you are my age or older, you may remember tham in hard candies used for throat lozenges.  Has fabulously wooly and gray leaves.

Germander in June

Germander.  An herb but uses are limited.  Often used as an edging or sheared mini hedge.  Very pretty foliage

Santolina in June

Santolina..very fragrant, used as a strewing herb on medieval floors to repel insects etc.  sometimes used as a mini hedge.  Itis a lovely soft gray green.

Catnip in June

It has not really attracted any cats recently.  Easy to grow in sun or part shade.

Sage in June

A little butter and sage makes a wonderful sauce for pasta etc.  I love it and it is hardy here.  However I buy new plants every other year as it does not seem to be long lived.  the new one on the right is struggling in the heat of June.

Sweet Cicely in June

I just love this wonderful anise flavored salad green.  Maddeningly, it spreads agonizingly slowly.  It hates to germinate and prefers some shade.

Chives in June

One of the great joys of the herb garden, it never fails to display these lovely flowers, and never requires any care.

Welsh Onion in June

Welsh Onion from the Prescott Farm museum outside Newport, Rhode Island.  thanks for your generous gift.  Make sure to visit this interesting museum for lots of info on colonial era plants.

June in the Herb Garden Oregano

Greek Oregano  Almost care free and harvestable in huge amounts all summer.

Early June in the Herb Garden

I usually don't get any of these Strawberries before the critters do.

Catmint in Early june

Iris in June

A misty view in the heat of the day in early June.


Rhododendrons in the Beginning of June.  Well shaded.

White Rugosas Beginning of June.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Shade Loving Hostas in May.

The varegated ones can stand the sun.

I think this one is actually a Plantain Lily with white flowers.  It was Grammie's.
This one gets five feet high.