Thursday, May 31, 2012


I loved this Rhododendron the moment I first saw it.  That must have been in the mid eighties of the last century...strange still to say things like that...The last century...
This is Yaku Princess, the most beautiful of all Rhododendrons.  Not as big and showy as some of the more vulgar old plants, but what a flower.  Pink, yellow and white in the same flower.
Ok, I already mentioned Deutzia.  This is my grandmothers from Medford.  It is very willowy, and the branches cover themselves with tiny white clusters of flowers.  The branches are so willowy, that I can lay one or two on the ground and drop a brick on top of them.  Next year, I have a new plant from each...Time to start thinking of a hedge I think. 

Yellow Broom

What a looker, eh?
There are a number of different colors of broom.  Dark pinks, sulphur yellow with a red spot, white, but this is my favorite I think.  The most common plants are sometimes the most satisfying.  My Ex-Wife had one of these behind a birdbath, and in front of a yew hedge as I mentioned earlier in Fallow Corner(The house name) in Little Bardfield, England.  This baby gets about seven feet tall.  I stake it every year, as it is very leggy, but the heavy snows always flatten it despite my efforts.  I end up pruning huge branches of it off as I try to stand it up again in the spring.  It has never disappointed me though.  It appreciates my efforts despite my failure to achieve the main objective.  some on keeps putting ducks and bunnies in the garden.  I like things to be a bit more high tone, but the kitsch keeps creeping in.

Yellow Broom again.

Another view of the same broom.  Notice, though, the Hostas at it's base.  The one at the left goes about 6 feet across.  I should divide it, but I haven't the heart.