Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rosa Rugosa

Here is another of Grammie's plants from Medford.  Root cuttings from this plant have gone all over the country, literally coast to coast.  My Mother took one to northern Maine with her and grew it on the vast windy field margins of the potato producing farms there.  My sister has one in the far north as well, in a wild spot miles from the nearest road.  They provide food for the birds in the wild wood there.  Rugosas are pretty hard to kill....I do my best in this awful land I bought.  There are plenty of big orange-red rose hips if you are into teas and jellies.  They also repeat bloom, so you get plenty of flowers.   This gets to be a huge bush, going perhaps 8 feet if you let it.  It will do well if you remove old cames from the ground on occasion. 

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