Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homely Day Lilies

Homely does not necessarily mean unattractive.  I refer to the fact that they are home-like, ubiquitous or ordinary.  There is something to be said for planting, old fashioned varieties of plants.  Remember when these bloomed around your grandmother's house when you were a child?   Back when I was a child the plant hardiness zones were considerably colder and the choices of plants that would survive the particularly difficult winters there in Northern Maine was much more limited.  You could count on broad swathes of these cheerful orange flowers along foundations and rock walls.  Here is the common Day Lily.  To the right is Vinca Minor carpeting the bed.  Behind is a rather gangly yew.  To the right...I think if I am seeing these correctly, are a few old fashioned columbines from Grammie.  I hate that fence, but I inherited it.  I am planting climbing Hydrangias all along the fences so that they will eventually be all green.  Meanwhile they are an effective screen.

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