Tuesday, May 7, 2013


My Garden...It really isn't my garden.   It is a descendant of my grandmother's garden.  Most of my ideas about gardening came from her.  I am not the type to do display gardens like you see on TV, or in books.  It is like Grammie's garden in Medford, Mass. and my mother and father's garden in Littleton, Maine.
Mary Carolina Cafarella Mitchell McLaughlin
Maria Rosa Cincotta Cafarella

Rocks edge beds and create low walls.  It is New England after all.  Beds are cut into the turf and are composed of simple turned earth(though I do add peat and manure when needed) with the soil beaten out of the grass.  I walk around the yard with the new plants in my hand and look for an empty space in the beds that will accommodate the light requirements, and stick them in the ground.  Two years later I am moving things around because I really did not have a place for that plant, and now it looks awful there, or the neighbor plant is over-running it.  When I run out of space, I divide the plants and try to give the excess away, but I cannot get rid of things.  If it does not go away with a friend, it goes back in the ground...somewhere...I walk around again, looking for a place.
Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill
Richard Bruce Mitchell
In Littleton, Me
I cannot bear to mulch or put landscape fabric down, because I might not have BABIES...
It makes for more work, but I must spread new plants out into the world by passing BABIES on to friends, and anyone who is impressed with the fact that, "this was my grandmother's" and now I am giving it to you.

Richard Bruce Mitchell II
Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill
The house in Littleton, Maine

I thought it would be nice to share my garden with YOU!

Grammie Cafarella in the garden at
Palmer Street in Medford , Ma

Uncle Philip R. Cafarella in the basement at
 Palmer Street Medford Ma.
He also had a green thumb.

I don't profess to be an expert, and this is not a great place for a garden, but I think it is nice to see the plants and connect the names to them.  Perhaps, if nothing else, it will help you choose plants for your own garden, introduce new, or old ones to your thought process when planning, or just give you a few minutes to look at flower pictures.
I cannot promise anything, but if you see something you have missed since childhood or have been longing to have, let me know.  If I can pass on a baby to you, or let you know where to find it, I will be happy to help out.

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